APLEND CITY is a new hospitality brand in Bratislava, that is the reason why we strive to do as much as possible. APLEND CITY belongs to the group of brands APLEND, which is a guarantee of high standard of the accommodation and services throughout all accommodation facilities all over Slovakia, from The High Tatras to Bratislava.

Nowadays, APLEND CITY consists of accommodation located only in Bratislava, Old Town. At the moment, APLEND CITY gathers HOTEL PERUGIA and HOTEL MICHALSKA. Hotel Perugia open its gates to public on 01.08.2016 and from then, the hotel has become very popular among the guests. Hotel Michalska began 7 months after, on 01.03.2017. Both hotels consists of 14 rooms.

For business guests, we created a segment of Business Serviced Apartments in the top locations in The Old Town. Apartments in Laurínska, Baštová or Kúpeľná street are modern, at least 2-rooms apartment, fully furnished with modern appliances and meet the requirements of business as well as leisure guests.   

Aplend City, s.r.o.
Viliama Žingora 66
IČO: 50369229
DIČ: 2023028942
IČ DPH: SK2023028942
Zapísaná v ORSR v Žiline, oddiel s.r.o., vložka 65874/L