II. The chronicles of Slovak Narnia: peacock, Emka and wardrobe

    This time we went for a trip outside of Bratislava. We decided to explore highly praised castle Červený kameň (Red Stone). We have to tell, the rumours full of praise are justified.
    Right away from the beginning, when you enter the gate ...  when I am writing this blog, I realise, that I do not know how to describe the sound of a peacock. Whistling? Croaking?? The kind of birds' singing??? When you will ask your kids next time: „What does the cow/sheep/duck say?“ , please, teach them how does the peacock say. Otherwise, they will have the same problem at the age of 22 as we did. Alternatively, we could send a tip to the songwriters of the song „What does the fox say“. Anyway, since the beginning, it is evident, they breed here at least one peacock. We only miss Elizabeth singing: „...The girl pastures the peacocks...“


    Right after the entrance gate, we turn right to the Castle garden. Although we have never seen the gardens in French Versailles in reality, we think, that garden in Red Stone is kept in the same style. Neatly mowed grass, trees cut precisely straight, blooming flowers, statues, fountain.

    We came back from the garden on the main street leading to the castle. We entered a small castle park, and we stopped and thought, how much can the visitor enjoy the castle Red Stone without even paying a single Euro. We entered the courtyard by the castle gate, and there he is, the peacock, white as a last year snow with the imposing long tail, dragging it so proud as the bride her white veil.   

    We chose the great cycle tour beginning in half an hour. What tourists we would be, leaving without the photo of the unique white peacock, which meantime ran away from us. Yes, we decided to look for him. Although we found him, he did not want to pose for the photo as we wished. He decided not to cooperate. After a while, I looked around and realised that a group of tourists is staring at me and then I realised that I am 22 years old woman who pursues bored and angry peacock in the castle garden with such enthusiasm as a three years old girl next to me. I have to admit; I did not know if I should accept this situation with an embarrassing smile or to pretend to be a „foreign tourist“...
    After few unsuccessful attempts to do a perfect photo, we came back to the courtyard and order Kofola (Slovak Cola drink). A few minutes later, the exhibition began. A young lady told us not only about the history, owners and arms but here and then she said about funny „somebody tells stories ... „ The interior is stunning! Each room highlights the whole sumptuousness. We can express it by one word: Astonishing! Luxurious! There are a lot of rooms open to the public. 
    We walked through the „pink saloon“ allegedly named after the „pink“ shade of the fireplace. As a woman, I should distinguish at least a billion of colours and shades, but this was no pink! Suddenly, our tour guide says: „We will continue through this wardrobe.“ She opened a closet in front of us and walked through to another room! Wow, we whispered: „Narnia!“ The above ground tour ends in the chamber with a huge mirror, which allegedly when you look into, you become younger and will be young forever. It does not work; we remained the same. What to say. We, young, beautiful, charming do not need it. We cannot help smiling when a girl named Emka asks her mum standing next to here and looking into the mirror: „Am I young and cute already?“. 
     We finished our tour in the castle cellars with squawking bats, which we, fortunately (or unfortunately???) only hear, but not see and instinctively grab our hairs. After all, what if all the stories about bats tangling into hair are true?! We came back to the courtyard quickly (not only because of the bats) because young Emka is scared, that the tour guide will forget her in the cellar. With the wish of a beautiful day, an unforgettable tour about the history of Red Stone and its citizens ends after an hour.
    If our blog inspired you, certainly make a trip to see the history, luxury and with luck a peacock. You will not regret. Moreover, the castle welcomes many exhibitions, events, festivals and night tours. Small warning: A strong wind blows at the courtyard, so hold your hats.