III. Are you afraid of the dark?

    We are back with our already 3rd travel blog. The forest adventure is waiting for your this time. Have you any idea where we went? We will not keep you long in suspense. Come to read how we escaped the city rumour, get all sweaty and scheme. These are our experiences from Cave Driny. 
  It is customary to Slovakia that when you want to see the beauties of the cave, you must climb more than one hill. It follows that you expect parking place in the lower altitude. In the case of the cave-pearl of the West Slovakia, cave Driny, the looking for the parking place is like hide-and-seek. Unfortunately, the parking place is winning. Unlike the parking areas near Demänová caves which are bigger but more expensive, we parked at the only free sites, which we saw, right in front of some cottages. We tried to make ourselves believe; nobody knows whether or not are we staying in one of the cottages. If the people who live in the cottages are reading this blog, please forgive us. Certainly, we were not the first as well as the last tourists who stole their parking place. 
    While the car was resting, our moment came. The cave was at a stone’s throw, if you can throw very far. We give you small advice at the beginning. If you read, as we did, at the web page that the walk to cave takes 20 minutes, first think of the terrain you will go through. Do you want one more useful advice? If a reliable source informs you about 20 minutes walk, do not begin your small hike from the “parking place” 10 minutes before the next guide. 
    We do not claim, that for the half of time, you do not break the extreme vertical distance of 100 meters. We managed it, and we have to tell you, it was an unbelievable experience. Unbelievable also because we would not manage to breathe during the walk second time. Fortunately, only two people were waiting in front of the entrance, so the look at us, red and hard breathing, was not so embarrassing. While paying the standard cave entrance fee, we think again, if the photo taking damages the cave so much, so you have to pay for it 7 €. After we had thought it over, we bought a souvenir magnet as a memory for cave interior.

    While walking through the cave, we quietly and with a smile on our face state that the effort was worth it. We created a small group of 5 people including the cave guide (lady). The ambience had been very intimate until the cave guide said: The name of the cave does not originate in the word “driny” (Slovak translation of the drudgery), which you went through while you came up the hill. The English term “poker face” does not express enough our look. Speechlessly we looked at each other, and by eyes, we told to the other “of course”. Since then, the technical explanation took an entertaining direction. While looking at the decoration of the cave called mother-in-law's tongues, the other visitors said, they have to belong to father-in-law because the mothers-in-law tongues would not fit in the cave. 

    Before the entrance of the cave, we saw an old cart and thought for what they used it. Perhaps the cave goblins used it to transport their treasure. Not at all! No cave trolls. Instead, the good old Slovak fays appeared in the explanation. Nothing is better than old habits. Finally, the first “tongues are wagging”… We love the “tongues are wagging …"! We will not keep you long in suspense. The tongues are wagging that if a man stays in the cave for a St. John’s night, the fays dance his head off and the cave staff takes him outside of the cave in the cart mentioned before. By coincidence, we were in the cave on St. John’s day. I looked at my “fellow traveller” with a cagey smile and thought how could I leave him there “by coincidence”, while I will be waiting at the parking place. Ladies, admit, who would not enjoy the look at your darling tired of dancing when he does not want to go with you under normal circumstances, moreover, when they bring him next morning to you. 

    As it is said: Curses, like chickens, come home roost. For my ulterior motives, it came in the last minute of the guide when the cave guide asked: Do you want to see how dark was in the cave when the first caver came here? No! We do not want! You would not like to see it too when you would not think whenever the cave is dark, at the horror movie “The Descent”, in which the human eating creatures eat lost young lady cavers. I highly recommend watching this unique movie before the trip to the cave, if you want to feel circulating your blood in your veins, moreover, when some hand touch your hand during the dark, although it is a hand of your fiancé. However, who knows it when there is a dark???!!!

   We enjoyed the journey back to the car more than the journey to the cave. Finally, we had time to benefit from the beauties of The Small Carpathians. We realised, how little does it take to get away from the rumour of the city and breathe the pure air.