The secrets of Hotel Perugia

    “Panta rhei” (translation everything flows), was spoken by one of the most famous pre-Socratic Greek philosophers Heraclitus of Ephesus. Almost a year past since the premiere opening of APLEND CITY Hotel Perugia. With the joy, we think back to each guest, who stayed with us and was provided a first-class service in the modern facilities.     

    Just as a each building in the historical centre of Slovak capital, our hotel has its own status in the history of the city as well. Zelena street, where the hotel is located, was built in 1390 with the intention to eliminate the debt of the city from the newly-acquired plots. Based on this intention, in the following century, the street was given also a German name Neugasse (translation New street). 

    In the outset, from 1925 to 1926, one of the plots was used as a place for a pension, later hotel, which has eventually become of the symbols of the Zelena street. The milestone in the significance of the hotel is year 1966, when the Jednota association paid one million crowns to build a brand new enterprise with apt name Perugia, which symbolizes the cooperation of Bratislava and Italian city Perugia. 

    Probably, you are thinking, why we decided to overload you with historical facts and years. Well, the enterprise Perugia was not famous only for its Italian restaurant in that period. Nearly sold Perugia was offering a moments of pleasure and feast for the eyes for  male population in the underground parts of the hotel. Exactly, Perugia offered the shelter to 1st striptease in Bratislava.

    See for yourselves: In the mid of October 1966, Bratislava went throught a “big fame”. The opening of Perugia, luxuty enterprise with Italian cuisine, which was ahead of that time and belonged to the top enterprises long after the Velvet revolution. Perugia was famous for its striptease. “We did not actually know what it is. We thought we will see some ladies charms, but in Perugia case, it was discreet striptease. There was always some piece of clothes on that girls. There was always the hidden piece and the men’s fantasy began to work,” thinks back Juraj Šebo. People from all over Slovakia gathered in Perugia for the shows. “There was a problem to find a girl who would show the bosom. It was not like today. Those girls were such a klutzes (laugh). There was an art selection committee, which pick the girls. Everything was organized by Felix Demény, ballet-boy from Nová scéna,” thinks back Andy Hryc. “Tibor Bártfay, an employee of city council, was also in the committee, because the girls needed to know the history of workers movement… (laugh). Lot of girls signed in. At the beginning, they chose eight to nine, later they needed more because of the huge demand. Moreover, there were 2 shows per day. 1st was at 4 pm, for the ones who went for shopping in Prior. There were trips organised, when the ladies went for shopping to Prior and men went to Perugia. 2nd was at 8pm, where the true lovers of striptease went.” says Šebo. “There was one amazing choreographer Boris Slovák, who also helped to pick the girls. The entire show was prepared by the choreographers and ballet-boys. Mr. Demény taught the girls to move. It was “terrible fun”. They did not show everything, it was difficult, nevertheless the female population despise them. 

    Panta rhei. A number of decades past, since the first prominent enterprise with the specific enticements in Bratislava. The building has changed its character many times. In March 2016, the building has ended up under the safety wings of APLEND CITY and one of the largest and most complex reconstruction has started. Just a few things inside remained from the previous building. The hotel was stripped down, the rooms were all redesigned and furnished with brand new furniture and comfortable beds. Moreover, hotel added 2 new rooms into its portfolio. The reception was changed the most giving it a brand new professional look and more working space for the employees as well as more comfortable space for the guests. The restaurant was completely renovated giving it a brand new space on the lower floor for hosting celebrations and company gatherings. The facade was renovated and painted into brand new colours. One of the oldest hotels in Bratislava, Hotel Perugia, came through complete renovation of the interior as well as the exterior transferring the old, not very famous and well run hotel, into one of the best 3* hotels in the city. After a half year of the renovation, the hotel reopened its gate to the guests on 1st August 2016 with a brand new name “APLEND CITY Hotel Perugia”. Obviously, the idea of men’s pleasure with finely covered ladies was not permissible and after 5 months of renovation, a brand new modern hotel and restaurant was built. The staff and management is looking forward to seeing you.